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Huisheng Packaging has more than 15 years experience in glass packaging production.Use highly automated advanced equipment to reduce costs and improve accuracy.

Our product line is very rich, from glass bottles, decorative, cork to carton packaging for you.A one-stop shopping experience where you don't have to search everywhere, saving you time.

We offer Glass Bottles for Spiritsin a variety of sizes and shapes from 375ml, 750ml to 1 liter. We have so many options available, your product is sure to stand out!

Our wine bottle packaging and other glass containers are made from high-quality glass. These wholesale glass spirit bottles are easy to label and can be paired with corks or continuous thread caps. As well as offering glass wine bottles in a variety of different sizes, we also offer a variety of styles to ensure we have the perfect bottle for you. With our line of long neck glass decanters, moonshine fit flasks and cocktail mixing bottles, we have a wholesale supply of the bulk glass spirit bottles you need.

  • Glass Bottles

    Glass Bottles

    Huisheng Packaging has thousands of glass bottle shapes to choose from.

      Also follow up your requirements or drawings for customized production.

  • Bottle Caps

    Bottle Caps

    I think you'll agree that the caps doesn't just serve as a seal, it also enhances the aesthetics of the design.

  • Packaging Carton

    Packaging Carton

    Huisheng company can provide you with customized cartons or gift box.

     In the one-stop shopping, save your time.

  • Custom Glass Bottles

    Custom Glass Bottles

    Custom glass bottles make your products stand out on the shelf.It also allows you to emboss your text or logo on the bottle.

  • Decoration


    We can make any decoration on the surface of the glass bottle, includes spray color, frosting, decal, plating, and more.

  • Combination Suit

    Combination Suit

    You have different flavors or different kinds of spirits, and you want to show them to customers together, how do you do that?