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Wine Doesn't Get Better With Age

Nov. 16, 2019

Custom spirit glass bottle manufacturer shares your knowledge about spirits.

In fact, we know roughly the curve of a bottle of liquor over the course of many years, usually beginning with a period when the flavor becomes softer, the structure more complex and balanced -- a period when the quality of a bottle of liquor rises; When quality is at its peak, of course, it is the best time to open a bottle. But when this period of time passes, it will enter an inevitable period of decline.

A number of factors play a role in determining which bottles can be stored better or worse -- in general, spirits with stronger flavors and more alcohol tend to age longer.

On the other hand, it is important to note that good storage conditions (standing upright, avoiding light, avoiding excessive temperature changes over a short period of time, avoiding too high and too low temperatures) generally extend the peak period of a bottle's storage and reduce the rate of decline in quality.

 Spirit Bottle

The sealing degree of the bottle itself also has an effect. If the bottle stopper is not properly sealed, it will greatly speed up the volatilization of the alcohol and aroma in the bottle and make the quality of the wine drop rapidly. Our company provides high-quality spirit bottle.

The beginning of acidity is evident in a wine that has entered its decline phase, accompanied by a watery flavor - an important sign of separation. As for why wine separation, and there will be a sour taste, that is the liquor aging time is too long, with the alcohol slowly reduced, will lead to the aroma of hydrolytic substances, while producing acid substances. As a rule of thumb, the lower the alcohol, the greater the risk of hydrolysis over the long term.

In the drinker community, there is always the superstition that the longer a wine is stored, the better it will taste. But the practice has proved that this is not the case. Do not store for storage's sake. The liquor you buy should be drunk after ten or twenty years at most. As to want to collect appreciation, that has better ground to nurse, give it best condition, monitor water level at any time to infer the state of wine in bottle, it just brings you best profit likely.