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Why is Whiskey Brown?

Sep. 17, 2019

Whiskey is one of the most popular spirits, and its aroma or taste is very popular. Of course, the most attractive thing about whiskey is its fascinating color. Although different whiskeys have different colors, most whiskeys are brown. So, where did the deep color of the whiskey come from? As a Custom Spirit Glass Bottle Manufacturer, let's explain it to everyone.

In fact, it mainly comes from baked oak. I believe this answer also makes everyone understand what makes the whiskey matures.

Whiskey needs to be aged in barrels, and people usually choose toasted oak barrels. Baking wooden barrels, as the name implies, ignite the interior of the wooden barrel with a torch to form a carbon layer on the inner wall of the oak barrel.

The degree of roasting in oak barrels makes the whiskey aged in oak barrels different in style. The longer the age in the toasted oak barrels, the more the whiskey will be. However, many new breweries or distillation rooms use a variety of methods to speed up this aging process. Some breweries add toasted oak strips to whiskey, while some breweries choose smaller oak barrels to give the wine a wider contact with oak barrels, and some wineries add artificial colors. To increase the color of the whiskey. The brown rum is made by the third method.

700ml Whiskey Glass Bottle

700ml Whiskey Glass Bottle

Of course, in addition to brown whiskey, there is also a lot of pure and clear white whiskey. So now the question is coming: Are these lighter whiskeys not aged in oak barrels and bottled directly? In fact, the lighter whiskeys are also aged in oak barrels, but most of them are unbaked oak barrels. Some light-colored whiskeys will inevitably have a little yellowish color. If filtered, the light whiskey will look sharper and brighter. In the final analysis, the brown color in whiskey is mainly from baked oak barrels.

Sometimes, people only see the color of the whiskey is different, but I don't know the different flavors of whiskey. In general, lighter whiskeys usually have a rich fruity flavor, while darker whiskeys have a more pronounced oak flavor, such as vanilla, caramel, and leather. The degree of roasting of oak and the length of time in oak barrels can have a great impact on the color and flavor of the whiskey.

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