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Ways to Store Your Wine at Home

Apr. 28, 2020

No matter who you are, you may have at least a small portion of hard liquor at home.

But if there is not enough space in your kitchen cabinet, where are your tequila and gin stored?

Here is a tip: a good-style bar cart, although aesthetically attractive, is not always the answer.

Here are three tips for safe wine bottle storage.

1. Keep the wine out of direct sunlight

Strong UV rays can damage your wine over time (and may even change its color), so it is best to store your bottle away from flowing sunlight.

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2. Store wine at room temperature

Unlike white wine and champagne, spirits can and should be stored at room temperature (yes, even vodka).

It is perfectly acceptable to refrigerate in the refrigerator before drinking gin or tequila, but the low temperatures will not extend the shelf life of alcohol.

Another thing to remember is that although wine is usually kept for several years, once it is opened, the alcohol will start to oxidize, and this taste will obviously weaken over time.

3. Store the wine in a safe place

You can' t stick your glass bottles on the kitchen shelf for maximum stability, but you can choose where to store them wisely.

The basic rule is: don’ t store wine in one place. In the event of an earthquake or crazy accident, the wine may hit someone’ s head.

If you have children or pets, be extra careful: choose high shelves with railings or multi-function trolleys with protective edges.

The above information is provided by the spirit bottle manufacturer.