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The Soul Of Mexico - Tequila

Nov. 08, 2019

Tequila, also known as "Tekila", is a Mexican specialty known as the soul of Mexico. Tequila is the national wine of Mexico, and Mexicans have a special liking for it. Tequila bottle factory introduces you to a brief introduction to tequila.

Blanco and Plata respectively mean "white" and "silver" in Spanish. In the field of tequila, it can be regarded as a kind of unaged wine, which does not need to be aged in oak barrels. In this kind of tequila, some styles are even bottled directly after distillation, some are stored in stainless steel containers, but some wineries choose to put them in oak barrels for a short time in order to make their products more smooth. It is only a special thing to compare the aging standards of general alcoholic products with the minimum time limit for storage. The Blanco-grade agave stipulates the upper limit, which can not exceed 30 days.

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Jven abocado means “young and smooth” in Spanish, and this grade of wine is often referred to as Oro (golden). Basically, gold tequila and white tequila can be the same thing, except that the gold version has added a few tints and flavorings (including caramel and oak quenches, with a weight ratio of less than 1%) that make them look a bit like aged wine. By category, all of these wines are Mixto, and while theoretically not 100% tequila, they are still the mainstay of the export market because they are affordable.

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