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How To Preserve Wine After Opening?

Dec. 07, 2019

Many drinks have the best drinking period, even for wines with strong aging potential. Especially after the bottle is opened, when the wine is in contact with oxygen, its fragrance begins to dissipate gradually, its flavor begins to fade, and finally, it turns into vinegar, which is really disconcerting. So, how long can the wine be stored after opening the bottle, and how can the wine's flavor be preserved to a large extent? Today, ODM wine bottle comes to share with you.

 375ml Glass Liquor Bottle

Method one:

Re-plug the stopper into the mouth of the bottle, and store the wine upright in the refrigerator at low temperature. The low temperature will help slow down the oxidation rate. The mushroom stopper for sparkling wine cannot be plugged back after opening, you need to buy a special sealing plug for sparkling wine. If it is red wine, remember to take it out of the refrigerator in advance the next time you drink so that the temperature of the wine returns to about 20 degrees.

Method Two:

Pour the remaining wine into a 375ml Glass Liquor Bottle (half bottle volume), then stopper the bottle and place it in the refrigerator. Less contact between oxygen and wine reduces the rate of oxidation.

Method three:

The vacuum isolation method is to use a vacuum pump (commonly known as wine preservation plug) to extract the air from the wine bottle, isolate the wine from oxygen, and remove the air from the bottle to slow down the oxidation process.

Method four:

An uncorked wine dispenser is inserted into the cork with a fine needle, injected with argon, and the wine is forced through the needle into a straw and then into the glass. So there's no oxygen going into the bottle, so it can be stored for a long time. But it's expensive and only works with still wines that use corks, not with screw-caps and sparkling wines.