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On Inspection Of Glass Wine Bottles

Nov. 30, 2019

Most glass wine bottle manufacturers receive a variety of product quality problems from customers after they leave the factory, causing customer complaints and causing losses to both parties. Reasons: The main reason is improper quality control during the production process. The custom liquor bottle manufacturer china is now discussing the quality control points during the production process.

Mold inspection

For the production of glass bottle manufacturers are mainly based on the mold provided by the customer, or in accordance with the drawings, samples of the newly opened mold production, for the impact of the mold key size, the mold shall be opened with the customer to communicate, negotiate, to reach a consensus on the key size modification.

All molds must be in the factory when the mold mouth mold, initial mold, mold matching, according to the drawings or customer requirements for inspection.

Piece inspection

1. It is the first 10-30 products produced before the mold is placed on the annealing line. Each mold takes 2-3 products for dimensional inspection. The inspection point is the mouth size; the inside and outside diameter of the mouth; whether the bottom lettering is correct, Clear; whether the bottle body pattern is correct.

2. When the bottle is just out of the annealing line, the quality inspection team leader will limit each molded product to two to three and test it in accordance with the drawings in all aspects. Measure the inside and outside diameter of the mouth. If necessary, fill the bottle with water. Use a customer-supplied lid as a physical assembly to check whether the lid can be in place and whether there is water leakage. And make internal pressure, internal stress, acid, and alkali resistance test.

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Process inspection

1. If the mold is not changed, two for each mold should be pumped every 2 hours for capacity and material testing, and the inner and outer diameter of the hole should also be tested to prevent wine leakage due to the mold being easily covered with oil during use, resulting in loose lid.

2. During the manufacturing process, a new mold may be replaced due to the reason for the mold. Therefore, after the mold is replaced, the molding workshop shall immediately notify the quality inspection workshop, and the quality inspection workshop shall inspect the finished parts of the bottle made with the new mold and the manufacturing process, so as to prevent the quality problem caused by the missing inspection due to the quality inspection after the mold is replaced.

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