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History of Glass Bottles 2

Mar. 12, 2020

"As the saying goes, there is nothing better in life than a preference for the cup." this way of drinking is enough for alcoholics. They don't require any packaging or form, and they just want to drink and cure their addiction. Our company provides 375ml Glass Liquor Bottle.

Sometimes when I look at the bottles of darvyling and dharma, I think they look like the plus version of the medicine bottle.

375ml Glass Liquor Bottle

Alcohol has been widely used in the medical field at all times and at home and abroad. In China, alcohol has a disinfecting effect, as well as a sorrow-relieving effect. In Europe, spirits have long been regarded as a cure, such as a whiskey for colds.

Until 1871, Old Forrester distillery was the first to sell whiskey in airtight containers so that drunks and doctors could tell what it was.

With the invention of machine-blown glass, glass bottles became popular in the late 1880s, and distilleries began selling whiskey in glass bottles. In the 19th century, some bottles were marked "for medicinal use only", leading to a blurring of the line between spirits and medicines, until the prohibition period in America, when spirits were categorized as "medicinal".

The dimple bottle, designed by George Angus Hager in 1893 and patented in the United States in 1958, is now an image of Dimple Haig.

The above information is provided by a big weight liquor Glass Bottle manufacturer.