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History of Glass Bottles 1

Feb. 03, 2020

Today, let's talk about the history of whisky bottles.

The use of glass products by humans can be traced back to 1200 BC. The ancient Egyptians used open models to press glass into bowls, plates, cups and other products. Until 200 BC, the Babylonians first used glass blown hollow iron pipes, and blowing glass products with the blowpipe was a leap forward in glass manufacturing, which was also the precursor of "glass bottles".

The real glass bottle was born in the late 17th century. Its inventor, British Digby, used a hollow torch, and then made sandglass, potassium phosphate, and slaked lime as auxiliary materials. And Digby himself has been called "the father of modern wine bottles" by later generations.

In the early days, because glass products were expensive, fragile, and not popular, all whiskies were stored in very tightly sealed oak barrels, and even they did not know how to store and manage the brewed wine in the wine cellar. Whiskey quickly turns into "wood soup", so "eat hot" is the way back then.

Whisky Bottles

As a result, the brewery wholesales the whole barrel of whiskey to the retailer, and then the consumer uses his own bottle to make the wine. So in this period, for the alcoholic, the only role of the bottle is to fill the wine from the retailer's barrel and then go home.

The rich will specifically ask the glassmaker to blow a glass bottle of his own and engraved with his own name or exclusive seal. Therefore, before the 17th century, the shapes of the bottles were made by glass-blowing craftsmen, and there was no uniform shape of the bottles. Well, it is still a limited edition. Bottles, most of the glass bottles at this time were dark (at that time, the tax on transparent glass was 11 times that of dark glass, conceivable ...), and bottled whiskies were made from recyclable wine bottles.

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