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History of Glass Bottles 3

Mar. 12, 2020

In 1920, the United States entered a 13-year prohibition. The eighteenth amendment to the United States Constitution has officially entered into force, and the brewing, transportation, and sales of alcohol have become illegal in the United States. However, the bill prohibits "brewing, transportation, and sales" of alcoholic beverages. It does not prohibit people from drinking "non-intoxicating cider and fruit juices" at home. Our company provides 50ml Small Glass Bottle.

As a result, during the period of abstinence, pharmacists and patients sprung up. Due to the so-called "medicinal effect" of whiskey, the local government allows some breweries to produce bottled medicinal whiskeys for doctors to treat patients. It ’s unexpected that these breweries have become drug manufacturers.

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At that time, when the "medical whiskey" was sold, it would be attached to the pharmacy opened by the doctor to guide "patients" on how to drink. Therefore, during this period, the shape of the whiskey bottle naturally changed into the shape of the medicine bottle, such as four roses The label on the whiskey indicates that you need to mix 2 ounces of whiskey with hot water.

However, after the end of the ban in 1933, spirits were no longer drugs, but the bottle-like style continued to this day.

In 1913, corks were also used in whiskey packaging. Some wine merchants also used wax oil to seal bottles again. This was to prevent people from mixing in fake wine. For example, Mage whiskey is sealed with red wax oil, and now it has become one of the winery's emblems-the "red neck".

The influential designer of the 20th century, Hans Schleger, used "water, air, barley malt" as the source of inspiration, and conceived one of the logos of Grangefield, the "triangular bottle".

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