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Factors Affecting The Finish Of Glass Wine Bottles

Dec. 13, 2019

Glass bottles are highly transparent and resistant to corrosion, and will not change material properties in contact with most chemicals. Its excellent properties make it have broad prospects in the field of hard and brittle material processing. At present, cutting and grinding hard and brittle materials with glass bottle tools is still an effective processing method, such as cutting stone with glass bottle cutting tools and grinding ceramics with glass bottle wheels. Sugar is very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, it is easy to absorb moisture, and the phenomenon of melting and agglomeration occurs. The composite dressing methods include electrolytic EDM composite dressing, mechanochemical composite dressing, etc. The dressing effect is better, but the system is more complicated. At present, the demand for soda ash is strong, and the operating rates of downstream glass and alumina have rebounded. The gap caused a significant increase in the price of soda ash products. Therefore, the dressing of sintered glass bottle grinding wheels is still not well solved. Big weight liquor Glass Bottle manufacturer shares with you.

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After the glass bottle is produced and shaped, sometimes the bottle body will appear wrinkled skin, bubble scratches, etc., mostly due to the following reasons:

1. When the glass blank falls into the primary mold, it cannot enter the primary mold accurately, and it is rubbed against the mold wall to form folds. After being blown, the wrinkles spread and form wrinkles on the glass bottle body.

2. The scissors of the upper feeder are scratched, and scissors scars appear on the bottle body after the formation of individual bottles.

3. The material of the initial mold and the mold of the glass bottle is poor, the density is not enough, and it oxidizes too quickly after warming, forming small pits on the surface of the mold, which causes the surface of the glass wine bottle to be polished.

4. Poor quality of glass bottle mold oil will make the mold insufficiently lubricated, the dropping speed will decrease, and the material type will change too quickly.

5. The design of the initial mold is unreasonable. The cavity is small or small. After the material drips into the mold, it is blowing up and spreading unevenly, which will cause spots on the glass bottle.

6. The machine's dripping speed is not uniform. The temperature of the initial mold and the mold of the bottle are not coordinated, and it is easy to create cold spots on the glass bottle body, which directly affects the finish.

7. The glass frit liquid in the kiln is not clean or the material temperature is not uniform, it will also cause bubbles, small particles and small hemp in the produced glass bottle.

8. If the speed of the rowing machine is too fast or slow, the glass bottle body will be uneven, and the bottle wall thickness will be different, which will cause variegation.

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