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How Many Factors Will Affect the Quality of Glass Bottles?

Jun. 10, 2020

The glass bottle has the advantages of simple appearance and fine production. There are many poor-quality glass bottles on the market, and quality and after-sales service are difficult to guarantee. In general, the factors that affect the quality of glass bottles are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Mold Factor

The design quality of the glass mold will directly determine the quality of the glass bottle. A successful mold will minimize the production error of glass bottles, and an unsuccessful mold will not only fail to meet customer needs but also cause a waste of resources and costs.

2. Enterprise technical factors

The technical strength of the glass production plant is successful. A hard-powered consumer of glass bottle production should choose a large-scale production scale as much as possible. The advanced production technology, corporate culture, and business philosophy are avant-garde manufacturers, such as a good reputation. With a good reputation, the produced white wine glass bottle products are closer to customer needs.

Liquor Glass Bottle

3. Human technology

The operation technology of enterprise employees will directly affect the quality of products.

4. Annealing operation

The post-formation annealing operation will directly affect the quality of the glass bottle after cooling (whether it is a cold detonation phenomenon). The glass is subjected to strong temperature and shape changes during the formation process, which often leaves the thermal stress and thermal stress of the glass product, greatly The strength and stability of the glass after glass-forming are reduced, so temperature insulation or slow cooling must be performed within a certain period of time, thereby reducing the thermal stress value, thereby ensuring the quality of glass products.

During the storage of the bottle, keep the storage area flat on the ground to avoid the risk of the unevenness of the bottle. Choose the indoor environment to store it as much as possible, to avoid excessive weathering of the product's natural conditions in the environment, and the use of the product may not be in direct contact with the ground. In order to avoid scratching the product caused by the surface of impurities, ensure that there is a certain space between the bottles to ventilate, so as to avoid damage to the product caused by excessive humidity.

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