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When Drinking Whiskey, Is Glassware Important?

Apr. 27, 2020

The whiskey tasting experience is a very sensory experience. From the nose, the color of the liquid, and the mental aging, you are a form of drinking art. We are not pretending; we all know that we often drink things in coffee cups. But we prefer to experience it in an appropriate way. After all, whiskey was originally introduced as a medicinal substance, aqua vitae, or "vital water".

Your choice of glassware will definitely affect your perception of smell and taste. It's important to remember that you want a glass of steam-enriched wine that will allow you to "smell" whiskey. Again, this sounds snobbish, but it does work. The basic sense of taste is a combination of taste and smell. For complex flavors, such as alcoholic beverages, your sense of smell is even more important to the overall experience.

Normally, whiskey is packed in small cups, rock cups, or Glenn cups. The latter was designed by Raymond Davidson of Glacairn Crystal in Scotland. Its design is derived from the glasses used in whiskey laboratories around the world.

700ml Whiskey Glass Bottle

When you try to drink whiskey in a small wine glass, you will find that there is not much whiskey in the glass. Nose and taste are very light. Nothing can guide alcohol vapor. Because the taste experience is directly affected by the olfactory experience, you cannot taste as much.

When you pick up a piece of stone glass, you will immediately see smoke on your face. You will definitely taste and experience more depth than using a small wine glass. After adding ice cubes, the taste will be better, but sometimes it will become lighter. This is why the Rock Cup is mainly used for whiskey cocktails, not neatly poured.

We like to use Glencairn for wine. The shape of the tulip perfectly adds fragrance and is very comfortable to hold. I found that when you put it in your mouth, its shape will bring fragrance into your nose. When we taste the same whiskey in three wine glasses at the same time, it is obvious that the Glenson glass allows us to notice the subtle aroma and taste lost by other glasses.

We encourage you to find your perfect glass. If you want to feel the burning sensation, anyway, throw a ball back. For those who like to use cocktails or whiskey with ice, old-fashioned glasses are the best choice.

The above information is provided by the whiskey bottle factory.