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Does the Depth of the Bottle's Groove Determine the Quality of the Wine?

Oct. 30, 2019

In the 16th century, the bottle makers at that time created red wine bottles of various shapes and textures for the convenience of transportation, including glass bottles. These delicate transparent glass bottles are not only expensive but also very easy to break. So people look for a variety of different ways to improve the firmness of the liquor glass bottle.

According to the principle of force, the bottle maker found that making a groove at the bottom of the wine bottle can disperse the force, thereby reducing the pressure on the bottom of the bottle. When the wine is laid flat, the weight on both sides balances the center of gravity to avoid damage during transportation. This is the birth of the bottle's bottom groove.

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The most important reason why the grooves can be preserved up to now is to collect the wine residue.

The brewing technology of early wine is relatively backward. After the wine is brewed, it needs to use the wood woven filter screen to filter the dregs and peel. After the wine is stored, there will be more or less some precipitates, including pigment, tannin, tartar crystal, etc. The groove allows the wine to stand upright and collect sediment at the bottom. When the bottle is gradually laid flat, the sediment can slide from the bottom of the groove to the shoulder of the bottle slowly, so as not to cause the sediment at the bottom to float and make the wine turbid.

The deeper the groove, the rumored that a bottle of wine is better, the basis is probably that the early habits used the depth of the groove to distinguish the age at which the wine can be stored.

However, this basis is not fully applicable to the present, because the innovation of brewing technology, the role of grooves used to precipitate crystals has gradually become less important, and the long-term existence of age does not necessarily mean that this bottle is a good wine, mainly depends on whether this bottle has aging power.

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