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How To Distinguish Glass Bottle Is Hand Motor Process Or I. S. Forming Machine?

Jan. 10, 2020

With the rapid development of science and technology, the change in consumption trend keeps pace with the times, and the manufacturing industry is also following up. After seven or eight years of use, a national or industrial standard should also be improved and modified as necessary to retain those parts that adapt to the development trend and add some necessary ones. Excessive requirements and excessive technical indicators increase the unprofitable manufacturing cost and cause waste of resources, which should also be listed in the list of revision. The urgent task is to make national standards or industry standards authoritative, representative and appropriate. Custom spirit glass bottle manufacturer shares with you.

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There are two kinds of glass bottle production processes: manual machine and I. S. forming machine. There are certain differences in the glass bottles produced. For identification, please refer to the following points:

1. The process of the line of mouth mold and the line of glass bottle body mold is the same, that is to say, in a straight line, while the manual machine is not necessarily in a straight line.  

2. The cooling flower bottom of the glass bottle bottom is produced clearly by the printer, while the manual machine is not.  

3. As the manual machine is water-cooled and the assembly line process is air and wind combined cooling, the smoothness of the glass bottle produced by the row machine process is smoother, more uniform, clearer and more transparent than that of the manual machine.  

4. The manual machine at the bottom of the glass bottle can not see the bottle print, while the line machine assembly line process can see the obvious bottle print.  

5. Several glass bottles are put together, the bottles of the assembly line process are neat, even the angle of reflection.  

Generally speaking, the production process of I. S. forming machine is much better than that of the manual machines. It can adapt to the full-automatic production of various filling and sealing machines.

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