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Different Sizes of Wine Bottles

Apr. 28, 2020

You may be used to pouring yourself a standard glass of wine. In fact, a few drops of Chardonnay in your cup is enough. However, when you choose the right wine bottle to satisfy your desire for drinks, do you know how to distinguish between different sizes of wine bottles to choose the best bottle and quantity for you?

When it comes to wine, size is important. Choosing the right size for your drink is crucial, especially when it comes to wine.

Glass Wine Bottle

Standard bottle size

The average size of a bottle of wine is approximately equivalent to six standard glasses of wine. The typical wine bottle size is just enough to provide the wine you like without providing too much or too little wine in each bottle. The standard wine bottle size is usually the default choice, 750 ml of wine or 6 glasses of wine.

Half-bottles / half-bottles are 375 ml, which is about half the size of standard bottles, and are ideal for those who want to buy more small bottles of beverages.

Not sure if you like the new bottle size? The small bottle might just be for you. With only 187.5 milliliters of wine, this single glass provides enough material to decide whether you want to choose a larger quantity.

The bottle is elaborately made so you can drink a few more sips

Sometimes, what you need is not a standard bottle of wine. Whether you want to hoard your favorite sparkling wine, or find yourself planning a future party or event, and need a larger bottle to hold the wine, you will definitely find yourself suitable for all types of wine bottles on the market.

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