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Top 10 Most Common Defects In Glass Bottle Forming2

Apr. 22, 2020

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6.  Protrusion

The defect that the seam of the glass bottle protrudes or the edge of the mouth protrudes outward. This is due to the fact that the model parts are not manufactured correctly or the installation is not consistent. The model is damaged, there is dirt on the joint surface, the frit has fallen into the initial mould before the top core is lifted too late, and a part of the glass will be pressed out or blown out of the gap.

7. Wrinkles

Wrinkles come in various shapes, some are creases, and some are very thin wrinkles. The main reason for wrinkles is that the droplets are too cold, the droplets are too long, and the droplets do not fall in the middle of the primary mould and stick to the cavity wall.

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8. Surface disadvantages

The surface of the bottle can be fluffy and uneven, which is mainly caused by the surface of the mould cavity being not smooth. If the lubricant of the model is not clean or the oiled brush is too dirty, the quality of the surface of the bottle and can be reduced.

9. Bubbles

The bubbles generated during the forming process are often several large bubbles or several small bubbles concentrated together, which is different from the uniformly distributed small bubbles of the glass itself.

10. Shear mark

Due to poor shear, there are obvious traces left on the bottle and can. A material drop often has two scissors prints, and the upper scissors print is left at the bottom, which affects the appearance. The scissors below remain on the mouth of the bottle and are often the source of cracks.

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