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Can You Freeze the Wine?

Jul. 15, 2020

Have you tried freezing the remaining wine to preserve its taste? Or you really put some white wine in the refrigerator, let it cool briefly, and then forget. Especially in the hot weather, the idea of freezing wine sounds quite tempting, but you may not want to try a good bottle of wine. Here is what you need to know about frozen wine. Wine bottle factory shares with you.

technical details

First, we will discuss the physical possibilities of frozen wine, and then discuss what is practical and feasible.

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Alcohol content

Liquids containing more than 8% alcohol will not freeze solids in household refrigerators. The alcohol content of wine is between 12% and 16%. Because they are more than 8%, they will not freeze solids, instead, you will get a wine pulp. The reason is that the freezing point of pure ethanol is -173 degrees Fahrenheit. Because the temperature of your refrigerator is not so low, the result is that the alcohol and water content of the wine react differently. The water portion of the wine will freeze, while the alcohol will remain liquid and become more concentrated.

The bottle will break

If you dig out the bottle of wine that you accidentally placed in the refrigerator, you will most likely find it has pushed the cork stopper, or broke the seal and leaked out of the nut. This is because the volume of water increases when frozen, so semi-frozen wine can no longer be placed in bottles. Champagne has a more exciting response to being frozen: because the cap is fixed with a wire cage and there is no room for expansion of the frozen water, the entire bottle of champagne will explode. After picking up pieces of glass from the refrigerator, you are unlikely to make this mistake again! If you are determined to freeze some wine, you can pour it into an ice cube tray to avoid bottle problems. However, the resulting wine blocks are not as hard as ice cubes, and when you take them out of the plate, they may fall apart.

The taste has deteriorated

Unlike fruit juices and other foods, the taste of wine will remain fresh during long-term frozen storage, but the taste of wine is not good during freezing and thawing. Freezing changes the sensory (sensory) characteristics of the wine, which makes the wine less pleasant. In red wine, tartaric acid suspended in the solution will precipitate out and form crystals at the bottom of the bottle. Although the process of low-temperature stability makes the flavor of white wine less likely to deteriorate due to freezing, it is still discouraged to treat any good wine in this way.

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