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5 Major Misconceptions about Vodka

Sep. 05, 2019

Vodka is an ancient distilled spirit that is the most popular alcoholic beverage in cold countries such as Russia and Northern Europe. Regarding the origin of vodka, it is said that it originated in Poland in the 8th century, and some people say that it originated in Russia in the 9th century. Vodka is now well known around the world, especially in the United States. The vodka that Americans drink is more than the four kinds of wine they drink, rum, agave, and cognac. However, although vodka has become so popular around the world, there are still many people who don't know much about it or misunderstand it. Next, Vodka Glass Bottle Manufacturer takes everyone to see what common misunderstandings about vodka.

1. Are all vodka the same?

This is not the case at all. Produced in different countries, vodka made from different raw materials has its own unique personality. Traditional vodka from Eastern Europe is usually stronger, spicier, and more representative of the characteristics of brewed ingredients. Vodka from Eastern Europe is much softer on the palate and easier to enter.

2. The more the number of distillations, the better the quality of the obtained vodka?

Not only do consumers have such misunderstandings, but some vodka producers do the same. First of all, the distillation vessels, methods and distillation levels of different distillation plants are different, so the quality of the product cannot be judged solely on the basis of the number of distillations. Second, if the vodka is excessively distilled, it may lose all flavors. , aroma and personality, only to get pure alcohol.

Frost Vodka Bottle

Frost Vodka Bottle

3. Are vodka made from potatoes?

Potatoes are indeed one of the raw materials for vodka. For example, the Swedish “Karlsson’s Gold Vodka” gold vodka is made from potatoes. But many other food crops can also be used to make vodka, such as corn and wheat. The French “Ciroc” vodka is made from grapes as the main raw material. There is even a vodka in the world brewed with milk.

4. When you mix cocktails, don't you need to use too good vodka?

When you drink a cocktail made with vodka, you may not be aware of the quality of the vodka. However, if you drink a lot, the next day you will feel the different feelings of good vodka and ordinary vodka.

5. Is the price of vodka equal to the quality?

What price is the vodka quality better? This is a difficult problem because the price of vodka is not an accurate indicator of its quality. Sometimes a bottle of $12 vodka is as delicious as a $50 bottle.

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