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10 Little-known Secrets about Vodka

Aug. 30, 2019

As a Custom Spirit Glass Bottle Manufacturer, let's share with you 10 little secrets about vodka.

1. The word "vodka" is similar to the source of the word "whiskey". Vodka is derived from the "Voda" in the Slavic language, meaning water; whiskey is developed from a drink called "Uisge Beatha" (meaning "water of life").

2. Vodka originated in Eastern Europe. Both Russians and Poles have their own opinions and believe that their ancestors were the first to make vodka. According to historical records, Poland’s first record of vodka dates back to 1405, and it was not until 1751 that a written record of vodka appeared in Russia.

3. Vodka used to be used as a medicine. Many people have believed that vodka is a panacea that can treat infertility and plague. Today, when science is prosperous, vodka has been proven to be effective in disinfecting gums and avoiding Pueraria. Therefore, you may wish to bring vodka to the mountain.

4. The vodka with a light flavor is not a product of failure but is intentional. Vodka is distilled using a Column Stills, which can be continuously distilled. Therefore, the vodka distilled by it is generally higher in purity, but the flavor is generally lighter.

5. The world's best-selling vodka brand was founded by a Russian farmer, Pyotr Smirnov. Although he was born into a serf family, Smirnov has always been self-reliant. He seized the opportunity to build his own vodka brand and carry it forward.

Glass Bottle for Vodka

Glass Bottle for Vodka

6. Most vodka ingredients are not potatoes. Although potatoes are indeed one of Vodka's main brewing ingredients, other food crops can be used to make vodka, such as corn and wheat, and even whey is used to make vodka.

7. Vodka can be used to make aftershave. But it is worth noting that this aftershave cannot be used as an alcoholic beverage!

8. More and more handcrafted and high-quality vodka enter the market. Although veteran vodka has always dominated the market, many producers are also trying to get a piece of it. They carefully selected the ingredients and made them make the vodka more full. At the same time, the innovative Glass Bottle for Vodka is designed to attract consumers.

9. The toasting rituals in Russia are intricate. When you drink vodka with everyone, you have to have a toast, a sip, a toast, and then a sip... and so on. Moreover, the toast is also very elegant, depending on where you drink and who is drinking with you.

10. Vodka is a good meal. In Russia, vodka has almost become a daily wine for people. When you taste the famous Russian platter, vodka must not be less.

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