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High-Quality Clear Liquor Bottles!

Glass decanter Who doesn't love spirits and decanters? 

While taste is key to getting a distilled spirit well received, the packaging provides a striking presence on the retail shelf to attract customers. From high-end antiques, heirlooms, and decorative pieces to classic industry standards, our extensive line of spirit glass bottles will give your alcohol, beverage, or oil the unique style it deserves. Contact us.

Huisheng Packaging offers a variety of sizes, including sample-friendly mini bottles, which give any tequila a kick, and larger 750ml bottles, ensuring everyone has a drink. Our wholesale and bulk prices for wine bottles also make ordering easy on your budget.

Do you want to have your unique or colored glass liquor bottlesCorresponding accessories in all shapes and sizes can be found here.

Classic is always a classic. Huisheng Packaging also offers many classic and standard glass bottles that do not require the production of new molds, saving mold costs and development time.

Standard is not boring, we can make them different with different decorations.Make it your own with different surface treatment technology, printing and corks.

We can also make glass bottle for spirits, whether it's Vodka, Gin,Rum, Tequila, Whiskey, Cognac...We will help you.

 We are professional glass bottle manufacturers.

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