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Custom Glass Bottle At The Bottom

Material: Super flint glass

Capacity: 500ml 375ml or customized

Weight: 850g

Sealing Type: Cork



Logo: Customer's Logo

OEM/ODM: Welcomed Customized

MOQ: 13000pcs

Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

The customer from the UK has a mountain range nearby, and we have the outline of the mountain range carved into the bottom of the bottle.

The mountain range is well known locally, so it helps his brand.

What would you like to portray on the bottom of the bottle?Please contact us.

What is the minimum quantity for custom glass bottles?

For custom glass bottles, MOQ is 12,000-13,000 pieces  which is exactly what fills a 20' container.

How do I verify that the bottle shape and size are correct before making the mold?

We will make 3D plastic printing for you, and it will print a plastic bottle exactly according to the drawing.

Is there any extra charge for custom glass bottles?

All it takes is a new mold, which costs about $1,500.There are no additional costs.

How can we place order?

1. If you already have a design drawing, please contact us and help you realize it.

2. If you have any glass bottle shape you like or in use, please express it to us and we will produce it for you.

3. Before the order, we will make samples for you to check our quality and confirm.

If you have any ideas, please also contact us.